Decorating & Designing Ideas for Oriental Carpets

Decorating ideas for Persian & Oriental Carpets

We have gathered different ideas and TIPs from various sources, countries and people, some are professionals while others simply passionate about decorating with their Persian & Oriental rugs. No matter where they come from, take from them what attracts or inspires you, but experiment until you have the perfect balance and energy for your interiors. Have fun doing it.

When decorating a home or office, there are many dynamics to consider, of which space, shapes, size, height, light (both natural and artifical), wall colours, furniture, ornaments, doors, flows, traffic and use, paintings and wall hangings, who will be using that space are a few. Then there is the purpose and intention - what are the objectives.

The big thing to remember here is that Persian and Oriental carpets will "never go out of fashion". They are bohemian, trendy, stylish, tasteful, classic, dynamic, distinguished, expressive, and they certainly know how to make an impression and statement! Our advice is to experiment, have fun and always remember that these can be changed and added to over time.

Our first article (with more to follow), is a general one. To follow will be specifics on bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, lounges, kitchens, and patios. AND we welcome you input too. Write in to us with your design ideas and photos - just click here to send your message.

Decorating ideas for Persian & Oriental Carpets

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Watch this space as we bring you new, different, fresh and different ideas to experiment with or to try out.